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      WHY GIVE? Donors to the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund help create a culture of giving throughout the community and invest in people to develop in them the knowledge, skills, abilities, leadership and commitment necessary to ensure that Nebraska City is a thriving and vibrant regional leader - a historic and progressive community that welcomes, retains and engages visitors, residents and businesses.

      The Fund Advisory Committee ensures that donations make meaningful and lasting impact in the community by:

      • Providing ways for donors with many charitable interests to give back to the community or leave a legacy;

      • Building permanent endowment funds to enable quick responses to changing needs;

      • Working with community groups to respond to community needs and opportunities.






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      An estimated 70% of American adults have either no will or their will is outdated. Planning for the future is easier than you think and 2020 is the perfect time to get started. Nebraska Community Foundation’s FREE Wills Guide will guide you through the process. Download an easy to use, fill-in-the-blank booklet that can help you organize all the information you’ll need to plan your legacy.



      Make a planned gift to the community through our fund and you will receive a "Windmill" recognition award.

      Four new “Windmill” donors were honored during the 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting in 2020. Paul and Mary Stevenson, Stacie Higgins and Denise Davis were lauded for setting up planned gifts for NCCFF in their estates. “It's a way for us to give back to the community who supported us by being our employers and our customers throughout our careers," said Mary Stevenson as she received her "thank you" recognition.

    • Non-Traditional Scholarships!!!

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    • Overview of Scholarship Program

      If you have questions about our non-traditional scholarship program, please click the button below for more info.

      This button will open a .pdf file with an explanation of the purpose and criteria for the program.

    • Fund Avisory Committee

      We invite you to contact one or more of the members of the Fund Advisory Committee (FAC) if you have questions or ideas as to how we might expand the scope of our services for the benefit of our community.

      1. Chuck Wiiest - Chairperson  (402) 873-3388
      2. Brad Moyer - Vice Chairperson; Grant Dev. Committee
      3. Denise Davis - Secretary
      4. Sharon Hersemann - Treasurer
      5. Doug Friedli - Immediate Past Chairperson; Governance Chair
      6. Sally Juilfs - Events Committee Chair; Grant Dev. Committee
      7. Melissa Turner - Grant Dev. Committee Chair
      8. Lidia Borer - Grant Dev. Committee Vice Chair
      9. Kiel VanderVeen - Grant Development Committee; NCF Board of Directors
      10. Stacie Higgins - Scholarship Committee

      EX-OFFICIO VOLUNTEERS: C. Scott VanderVeen (Planned Gifts); David Partsch (Governance); Erv Friesen (Historian); Kathy Nelson (Scholarships Chair); Joyce Turner (Scholarships); Dr. Paul Madison (Grant Dev. & NCF Board of Directors)



    • Accounts for

      Community Projects

      Harry & Grace Moller

      Library Endowment

      Mrs. Grace Moller left $500,000 in her will to the Nebraska Community Foundation Fund to be administered for the benefit of the library through an endowed account.


      The Account's earnings generate $20-30K each year for the Library - and will forever. In addition to making those grants the Account has grown to over $1,000,000 in 2020, so the annual grants available continue to increase.

      Leadership & Youth

      LEADERSHIP NEBRASKA CITY continues to thrive as it successfully builds relationships and encourages community involvement and active hope. In 2019-20, Class #15 began learning about our community - as they also learn about themselves.



      YOUTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE began taking iPads to the nursing homes in 2014 and working with the elderly on learning how they can use technology to communicate with loved ones. Their 2018-19 project included a lot of leadership training, taking a lesson from LNC! See "News and Events" section below for more info.

      Health and Recreation

      A group of young people formed an organization and established the Skate Park Account to raise money to fund the building of a Skate Park for Nebraska City youth. They raised nearly $130,000 in donations and grants, which have aided in the completion of the Skate Park in Steinhart Park.


      The Wildwood Dog Park was established through a hard-working group of committed volunteers that raised money to establish this much needed play area for dog owners. A great addition to our already wonderful park areas!


      Those involved in the Baseball Fund haven’t slowed down since they established their Account. They not only have kept the American Legion Baseball program alive and well but they have also funded renovating the fields and building a concession stand at Steinhart Park.


      Each year the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund offers scholarships to nontraditional students that reside or are employed in the Nebraska City area. These scholarships are directed to adults who are enhancing their careers through education with a focus on staying in or moving to Nebraska City. Many of these students would not be able to better their education without the assistance of our donors. THANK YOU! A link for the scholarship applications is on our site below - keep scrolling.


      The Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair Committee achieved its own 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in 2017 and transitioned into its own charitable entity. We are excited about seeing the entity continue to develop and provide outstanding science competition experiences for youth.

    • Ways of Giving

      1. Online link for giving:  DONATE HERE
      2. Speak to any Fund Advisory Committee Member; or
      3. Mail your donation to P.O. Box 444, Nebraska City, NE 68410


      Note: If you donate on-line, when making a payment for annual dues the deposit should be designated to the General Account.

      Can I designate how my donation will be used?

      You may designate a specific Account for your donations. Funds donated to the Unrestricted Endowment Account will remain in that fund with investment income generated will be designated by the Fund Advisory Committee for projects within the community focusing on investing in the people of Nebraska City.

      Does the donation have to be cash?

      No. In fact, there may be some definite advantages in making donations in forms other than cash. Donations may be made in the form of gifts of agriculture commodities, an insurance policy beneficiary designation, a will or trust provision, or donation of appreciated assets. Through some of these means, you may even donate money to the community while receiving income from the funds for the remainder of your life!

      Who can I talk to for more information on the kinds of Accounts available and how different types of donations might benefit me?

      You may contact any of the Fund Advisory Committee members. They will either answer your questions or refer you to an individual with expertise in the area. Through the Fund's affiliation with the Nebraska Community Foundation, there are many resources available to ensure that your gift is structured properly to meet your intent.

      How do I become an Annual Giver?

      Annual Givers follow a minimum recommended donation of $100 per year per individual, $150 per family and $100 for non-profit organizations. A sliding schedule applies to businesses, depending upon the number of employees. Annual donations are counted and applied on a fiscal year basis with June 30th being the end of the fiscal year. A lifetime membership is available for a one-time $1500 donation to the General Account.

      How will the Annual Giver donations be used?

      These donors help us fund nontraditional scholarships and also cover the operating expenses of the foundation so that other donations and revenue generated from their investment will be available for community improvements.

    • News & Events

      See what we're up to!

      The Glass Half Full (1st in a Series)

      Over the past few years, we residents of Nebraska City have all lived with perpetual construction activity and street detours. For many it was a source of inconvenience and irritation. For others it created excitement and opportunity. Some of us look at the short-term loss of what we don’t have (glass half empty), while others look at the long-term gains and opportunities (glass half full).


      This is the first editorial in an occasional series that will make a compelling case for optimism here in Nebraska City. Looking around our community, you can see evidence of our success in every direction. When I sat down to write this column, I started by compiling a laundry list of all our community and its citizens have accomplished in just a few short years. The list was truly remarkable, and I feel very fortunate to live in such a forward-thinking, progressive place.


      In recent years, over $135 million has been invested in “brick and mortar” projects in Nebraska City. That includes $41 million in capital improvements to our city streets, roads and bridges since 2015 – among those crucial endeavors were the Highway 2/Highway 75 overpass; pavement on Kearney Hill Road to replace a dusty gravel road; and an overlay on Steinhart Road Bridge to make traveling safer and smoother.


      An impressive $7 million has been committed to improvements to city recreation. For instance, a new walking and biking trail through Steinhart Park to Arbor Lodge; an aquatic center to replace the 40-year-old worn-out swimming pool; and much needed improvements to Knuckolls Square Park to increase accessibility for all our citizens.


      We have dedicated $39 million to educational facilities like renovations and new construction for the public high school, middle school, Hayward School and Northside School; IMPACT Classroom and a new NCPS Central Office; renovations and new construction at Lourdes Central Catholic School; and new classrooms and offices for the Southeast Community College Learning Center.


      Let’s not forget about the improvements to healthcare services in Nebraska City. We’ve devoted $48 million to a new physicians’ clinic and hospital.


      When we look at this extraordinary list, it is important to note that only a small portion of the necessary funding came from local taxes. The majority came from federal, state and foundation grants as well as individuals, like you, who care about the future of our hometown.


      Which leads me to our biggest asset in Nebraska City – our people – a beneficiary most worthy of investment.


      Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund has made investing in people its mission. This goal informs every aspect of NCCFF’s work, not only its grantmaking procedures, but its role as a connector and facilitator in the community. To date NCCFF has supported projects to benefit Nebraska City’s oldest residents, youth and everyone in between. It has also served as a convener, bringing local citizens, organizations and institutions together to talk about issues that are important to the future of our community. I invite you to visit www.nebcommfound.org/give/nebraska-city-community-foundation-fund and learn more about NCCFF’s objectives and vision for the future.


      Whether its support for capital projects or human capital, these are investments in the future of our community and they affect all of us. They make Nebraska City a place where people want to live. A place that attracts newcomers and retains and supports those who have always called Nebraska City home. I hope that you will join me in reflecting on this community’s many successes and dreaming about our bright future, and I hope through this process, you too will see that in Nebraska City, the glass is half full.


      “If you want to go fast… go alone. If you want to go far… go together.” - African proverb


      Dr. Paul Madison is a retired physician who has called Nebraska City home for 44 years. He serves on the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund Advisory Committee as well as the Nebraska Community Foundation statewide board of directors.

      Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)

      Thanks to some financial backing from the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund, April 24, 2019 was DARE graduation day for the five Nebraska City fifth-grade classes. DARE instructor Nebraska City Police Officer Jason Holman told the nearly 100 students at the Hayward Elementary School assembly how proud he was of both them and the work they put into their semester-long DARE class. He presented awards to the top three DARE essay contest winners from each class and then individually called every student to the front to be congratulated by him and all the fifth-grade teachers. Members of the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund Advisory Council presented Officer Holman with a ceremonial check, signifying the $1,500 donation made by the Fund to help sponsor this year’s DARE program. Pictured in the photo from left to right are: Brian Bock, FAC member; Officer Jason Holman, DARE instructor; Scot Davis, Hayward Elementary Principal; Deb Chesterman, FAC member; and Sharon Hersemann, FAC member and Treasurer. This donation enabled the Nebraska City Police Department to offer the DARE program to both the fifth-grade classes as well as the seventh-grade classes. DARE is a national program that offers instructions to the students on the dangers of drug and alcohol usage as well as the harm bullying can cause. It encourages students to make the right choices concerning themselves and others throughout their lives.

      Youth leadership training - - - building our future

      The Youth Advisory Committee is receiving cutting-edge leadership training in 2018-19, thanks to a grant from NCCFF made possible by donors to the Unrestricted Community Endowment Account.

      YAC President Chloe Higgins, a 2018 graduate of Nebraska City High School, said the grant from NCCFF, along with a matching grant from the Nebraska Community Foundation donor advised funds, will allow YAC members to use curriculum from Valley County called SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy. According to Higgins, the curriculum translates into a semester-long Leadership Cadre class that will be offered to both NCHS and Lourdes High School students.

      "This will be open to students who have been elected to or aspire to be elected to a leadership position in their school or community organization," Higgins explained.

      In addition to leadership training to equip students to become 'change agents' in their communities, Higgins said YAC is looking to get funding for each student in the class to complete a Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment. The class will also incorporate a few speakers over the course of the semester.

      "The Youth Advisory Committee’s goal with this project is to remedy the current lack of well-equipped student leaders in Nebraska City by increasing engagement, accountability, communication, teamwork, and commitment both within organizations and throughout their schools and community," Higgins said. "By laying the roots for strong leadership and building these skills, we will be investing in our young people and the future of Nebraska City."


    • Expert Guidance; Auditing Services; & More!


      The Funds' affiliation with the Nebraska Community Foundation offers a number of benefits that balance local, Nebraska City, control with professional management services and economies of scale:

      Nonprofit Status
      Access to NCF’s tax-exempt, Sec. 501(c)(3) status, allows donors to take a tax deduction for contributions. NCF issues charitable receipts conforming to IRS standards.

      Local Control with Expert Compliance Oversight
      Locally selected Fund Advisory Committee members make the decisions about how the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund's charitable dollars are spent. NCF in Lincoln has a legal responsibility for all funds entrusted with it to ensure that funds are used consistent with provisions of IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) and in compliance with donor intent. A local foundation would have the same legal responsibilities.

      Financial and Administrative Services
      Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund has access to NCF’s financial and administrative services. NCF has the sole responsibility for all day-to-day financial activities, including recording contributions; making disbursements; cash management; preparing and filing IRS Form 990; obtaining an audit of its financial statements by an independent CPA firm and issuing the fund’s financial reports. Our endowed accounts can invest in one of two investment portfolios designed for nonprofits and offered by NCF’s investment advisor, the Omaha office of Westwood Trust.

      National Standards (Integrity & Accountability)
      NCF has received recognition for having organizational and financial practices that are in compliance with National Standards established by the Council on Foundations. This demonstrates NCF’s integrity and accountability to donors.

      Peer Learning Network
      NCF uses peer learning to help build community capacity and leadership. NCF facilitates peer-learning opportunities on many relevant topics to help our own Nebraska City leaders become more skillful and confident.

      Contributions to Multiple Funds
      NCF is helping to evolve all Nebraskans’ giving habits to support causes and programs that will have greater impact upon the long-term sustainability of Nebraska’s hometowns. NCF’s educational efforts are helping many donors to consider the multiple causes they can choose to support with their current and planned gifts.

      Marketing, Communications and Web site
      NCF marketing materials are available to affiliated funds at minimal or no charge. Sample or customized media relations materials, donor letters and financial planner communications can all be provided. NCF maintains an extensive Web site, providing information to affiliated funds, potential donors and financial planners. The ability to accept online donations is also available.

      Training and Technical Assistance
      NCF staff has expertise in community development, strategic planning, planned giving and the development of public-private partnerships. NCF staff and Board Members are available to help funds get organized, provide guidance for strategic planning and advise on effective fundraising techniques. Workshops on topics ranging from leadership development to donor visitation techniques are held statewide.

      Gift Planning Assistance
      NCF assists attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, financial planners, bankers and brokers and their clients/donors with charitable gift planning. Brochures and materials on the benefits of charitable giving are available at no charge.

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